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Students' practice

The Employer Relations Center provides an opportunity for students to do an internship in the best institutions in the city
Thanks to cooperation with our partner companies, students can undergo internships and get jobs in departments, associations, banks and large companies. We also conduct business tours of these companies so that you can find out more about the internal processes and implement the acquired skills in your future career.
Language practice abroad
When studying foreign languages not only is the theoretical knowledge that the students receive during the learning process important but also their practical application, especially if students can improve their skills in actual language communication with native speakers. The Faculty of Linguistics and Translation provides all its students with the opportunity to study abroad, in turn increasing their level of foreign language proficiency. Thus, the students of the Faculty of Linguistics and Translation Anastasia Apalyaeva (IV course), Berenyka Dilman (III course), Anastasia Groza (III course), Julia Kovaleva (III course), Olga Polesko (III course), Victoria Taldykin (III course) and Xenia Ishkineeva (IV course) have proven this with their own examples.
Summer German courses in Vienna (Austria)
This year Anastasia Apalyaeva attended the Intensive Summer German Courses at the University of Vienna. On the very first day all students took a test to determine their language level. Anastasia easily coped with this task and was assigned to the group B 1.1. The courses lasted from Monday to Friday. At the end of the classes Anastasia passed the final exam and received a certificate. In their free time, students did not miss the opportunity to visit the various sights of Vienna.
Work & Travel in the United States
The students English-speaking groups Ksenia Ishkineeva, Julia Kovaleva, Olga Polesko and Victoria Taldykin visited the United States this year under the student program Work & Travel. The students not only improved their English language skills but also learned a lot of new things about the country, its inhabitants and culture and they also visited many interesting places and cities.
Summer Chinese courses in Hangzhou (China)
Students of the third course Berenika Dilman and Anastasia Groza visited China in the summer. They started Chinese at the Zhejiang International Studies University in Hangzhou. During their free time the students had the opportunity to get acquainted with Chinese culture and traditional cuisine, visit interesting places and have fun.

At the end of the summer courses, our students received certificates confirming their studies of the courses at Zhejiang University.
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