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The Faculty of Linguistics and Translation - an opportunity to master foreign languages
  • English
    English is the language of international communication. It is spoken by more than a quarter of the world's population. Having knowledge of English, it is possible to achieve goals with the aid of new opportunities.

    The Faculty of Linguistics and Translation will uncover a multitude of opportunities for you: intriguing trips, internships overseas, student exchange programs as well as a chance to acquire a prestigious and lucrative job in grand Ukrainian companies.
  • German
    The German language is the most common language in Europe (over 25% of the population speaks it).

    Teachers of the Faculty of Linguistics and Translation assist students in mastering the required level of the language, taking into account the aim of its usage and the skills that come with it. We prepare students to flawlessly communicate in a variety of situations with the language, depending on the chosen language level, up to passing the Goethe Institute exam and obtaining its certificate. This gives students the right to study in Germany (around level B2) or work in the country itself (levels C1, C2).
  • French
    French is spoken in more than 30 countries.

    The Faculty of Linguistics and Translation has signed a cooperation agreement with the Federation "Exchange France-Ukraine". Due to this program over 30 students have completed internships in France. Every year students are selected for internships revolving around language in restaurants, hotels, wine stores and other enterprises that offer part-time work.
  • Chinese
    Possessing knowledge of the Chinese language, for our students, paves the way for additional horizons and prospects in future work, regardless of the specialty chosen. At the given moment, Chinese is spoken by every fifth person on the planet and the popularity of the language continues to grow throughout the world.

    The Faculty of Linguistics and Translation has put into place all the conditions for students to receive quality education as well as prestigious jobs: beginning with cooperation agreements alongside the Chinese side and ending with the possibility of paid internships for students.
About the faculty
The Faculty of Linguistics and Translation is the teaching of specialized disciplines exclusively in foreign languages, its usage in the language classroom during the learning process, translation practice and the possibility of internships abroad.

The Faculty of Linguistics and Translation provides specialized professional training and promotes development of linguistic competence to the C1 level according to the scale of the Council of Europe.

The primary aim of the faculty is to educate highly qualified specialists, to shape them into harmonized and integrated individuals of society capable in pragmatically applying the acquired knowledge in practice.

Specialties of the faculty
Students receive thorough humanitarian training, study English, German, French or Chinese professionally and philological and practical disciplines required to work in the specialty.
Students master scientific and diagnostic methods of psychological and pedagogical research as well as the ability for independent teaching and organizational management.
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